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The Sweat Effect

Health benefits of sweat:

Of course you know that exercise is good for your health but have you even considered why a good sweat is healthy?  Both active and passive heat exposure cause core body temperature to rise resulting in increased heart rate and perspiration as your body is stressed to maintain homeostasis. Intentional heat related stress can result in health and recovery gains. Recent research has suggested that a physical activity or sauna bathing alone compared to a combination of regular physical activity and sauna baths is associated with a reduction in the risk of fatal cardiovascular events

Facts about Sweat

~700 sweat glands/cm2

Ability to improve Lung function & VO2 Max

Improved adaptability to temperature changes and acclimatization

Increases blood plasma volume

Reduced risk of high blood pressure due to improved arterial compliance

Able to improve neuro-cognitive function

Provides protection from bacteria

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