Proformance Sports Rehab & Nutrition

1927 Lincoln Dr, Annapolis, MD 21401



Physical Therapy:


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Meet The Team

Anthony Acevedo

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Tony is a local leader in the wellness field. Tony has 2 master’s degree’s along with 16 years of Fitness experience. Tony has demonstrated his knowledge of nutrition, and movement science to his current clients, and backed it up with a highly successful local gym. Tony has a strong desire to use his thorough educational background in achieving better results with his clients. Tony backs what he says through research not preference, and is excited to put his knowledge into action.

Branden Cohen

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Branden by trade is a physical therapist, and a movement enthusiast by nature. Branden has spent the last eight years of his career amassing knowledge regarding movement and sport specific treatment. Branden works through a thorough and specific evaluation to make sure your plan of care is directed to not just decrease the pain but also fix the cause.

Our Mission

To better the daily performance of human movement. To help a community achieve a level of performance they desire, prevent future injury, improve their movement efficiency, and balance their nutritional deficits.