physical therapy in annapolis md

Physical Therapy

At Proformance, we provide a different kind of PT. We attack the cause and strive for each patient to return at 110%. With multiple approaches, we are bound to find the therapy that works for you!

one-on-one physical therapy in annapolis md

One-on-One care

Expect to be with your therapist one-on-one for the entire course of your care. Your exercises, treatment, and follow-up will be closely monitored by the specialist who knows you best.

patient-focused physical therapy in annapolis md

Patient-focused Care

Our treatments are patient-focused meaning we do not let insurance companies decide how we treat. If there is a treatment we know will help, we will do it.

whole body approach to physical therapy in annapolis md

Whole body approach

Each patient will get a detailed evaluation where their therapist looks at their functionality from head to toe. This thoroughness will help provide the information necessary to reduce your symptoms!

Proformance Sports Rehab & Nutrition

Location 1:

1927 Lincoln Dr, Annapolis, MD 21401

(Inside Kicked Up Fitness)

Location 2:
Bay 3, 1981 Moreland Pkwy #4B, Annapolis, MD 21401

(Inside True Core)



Physical Therapy:

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