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return to play

Fast-track your recovery and get back on the field in better condition than before. Our individualized approach and dedicated attention in each session allows us to accelerate the rehab process. Integrated with a holistic understanding of your personal needs and the needs of your particular sport, we'll ensure that you're prepared to hit the ground running and have the strength, mobility, and knowledge to prevent re-injury. 

Bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance to return to activity. Our approach offers a complete head-to-toe evaluation of the injury and surrounding areas, looking for deficiencies and weaknesses that could have factored into the cause of the injury. Although we can not prevent injuries we can surely reduce the risk of them.

No matter your sport we are prepared. We encourage strong communication with coaches, and athletic trainers to make sure everyone is on the same page and your recovery is seamless.

Questions about your injury? Concerns about your recovery? Contact us today and chat with a therapist! 

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