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Muscle Injury and Repair

Muscle injuries account for ~46% of American football injuries. 92% affect the four major muscle groups of the lower limbs: hamstrings 37%, adductors 23%, quadriceps 19% and lower leg 13%. As much as 96% of all muscle injuries in football/soccer occur in non-contact situations. Approximately 16% of all muscle injuries in football/soccer are re-injuries and associated with 30% longer absence from competition than the original injury.

From 2004-2007 of 34,006 medical evacuations from Iraq and Afghanistan, the most common were non-combat musculoskeletal injuries (24%). Such injuries may include muscle strains, contusions, tendinopathy, fasciitis, bursitis, muscle/tendon tears and ruptures, joint sprains and dislocations, and fractures.

Skeletal Muscle is the most abundant